Our story

The road to a better you is never easy, especially when you are on your own. You will face challenges and sometimes you will fail. Giving up is the easy choice, but not the one you need to make. Mighty Solo is here to help you become the better you by providing functional fitness wear that will keep you motivated and focused on what's important, your workout.

Designed for women, by women

We have assembled a team of highly skilled women to ensure that every stitch is sewn to create the best fitness wear for women.

Swedish design

The Nordic countries have always been known for their unique design. We are very proud of our Swedish heritage, and we want to share our heritage with you. This is why every order will ship with a famous Dala horse doll. Everyone deserves to feel special, and Mighty Solo wants to make that happen.

With Mighty Solo, there is no down, only up.

Mighty Solo is proudly carbon neutral

And as a carbon neutral organization, we understand the impact we have on the environment, and build sustainable practices into everything we do.

In 2019 we partnered with Carbon Footprint Ltd to offset our carbon dioxide output by donating to Escarpment Environment Conservation Network (Esconet). Together with Esconet, Mighty Solo has committed to restoring local forests in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya.

By planting indigenous trees we’re helping to preserve these natural ecosystems, and provide much-needed support to the local communities that depend on these forests for their livelihood. This is just part of our commitment to helping fight climate change, and doing our part in working towards a better planet.